The Employee Self Service (ESS) Portal is designed to provide you the employees with access to manage or view personal data, benefits elections, withholdings, etc. ESS will allow you the employee the ability to update and view personal data on-line 24/7 at any workstation or home computer equipped with Internet Connect.

To print the Employee Self Service guide click here to access the online PDF document

If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat reader on your Home PC you can download it at

If you need the Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your Hospira PC, please contact the Hospira System Support Center at extension 2HELP or 866-454-4357

For a list of FAQs click here

Accessing Hospira Employee Self Service

The Hospira Employee Self Service website can be found at URL:

For detailed instructions for Logging On, click here

Viewing and Maintaining Your Data

You will be able to Maintain and Update and View:
  1. Address Changes
  2. Emergency Contact Data
  3. Update Bank Information for Direct Deposit
  4. Update Tax Information
  5. Work Location
You will be able to View:
  1. Benefits Enrollment
  2. View Earnings Statement
  3. Dependents Information
  4. Family Related Persons
  5. Previous Employer Information
  6. Personal Data
  7. Education
What You Should Know:
Understanding Validity Dates:
  • Validity Start Date: The validity start date of a record reflects the date the record was changed, or the date your information was converted to ESS.
  • Validity End Date: The End Date of the employee data will go to infinity (12/31/9999). Once the record is changed the end date will reflect the date of the change and the updated record will read from the date of change until infinity.

Example: Your current address has a validity period of 01/01/2005 to 12/31/9999 and you change your address on 05/01/2005.

The original address record will have a validity period of : 01/01/2005 to 04/30/2005 and the new address record you added will have a validity period of: 05/01/2005 - 12/31/9999

Updating your Personal Data during Payroll Runs:

The system will not accept any changes to records during a weekly or bi-weekly payroll run. During this time if you try to make changes to your record you will receive an error message stating that payroll is running and your record will not be effective until payroll is complete. Effective date of updates will need to be current or future dates.

What is Employee Self Service (ESS)?
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How do I know when to use the HESC and when to use ESS?
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For which transactions should I use ESS?

Can my HR representative still complete these transactions for me?

What is SAP?

What do I do if I have forgotten or misplaced my PIN#?

When will my earnings statement be available for view?
What if my personal data is incorrect?
How do I change or edit my Direct Deposit information?
What if my address changes to another state will I be able to update on line or will I have to contact the HESC? What about my local taxes? Will they reflect automatically?
How many emergency contacts can I have?
How will my previous employer information be used?
How can I change or update my education information?
What is a valid from and valid to date?
Is my personal information secure?
Will updating my e-mail address in "Who is Who" also update my information in the Corporate Directory?
As a new hire, when I update my Family Related Persons data in "MyFirst Days" will it automatically enroll them in benefits?
After making changes on ESS do I still have to submit a signed document?
How does the tax indicator Exempt work?
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